Rosa Hughes

Welcome! I’m Rosa, a front-end web developer, university administrator, freelance editor, and outdoor enthusiast based in Seattle. I am driven to find elegant web solutions across platforms, and to grow community through teamwork. I use HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript (and associated technologies like APIs, Bootstrap, Git, Vue.js, and WordPress) to build friendly and accessible websites. I have a special passion for serving communities with differing levels of ability.




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around the web

Intro to Bootstrap

This project was an introduction to the Bootstrap framework, using a landscaping company as a model for the powerful column-and-row scaling functionality of Bootstrap.

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Tarot Informational

A static site with JavaScript accordion menu functionality built from scratch.

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Vue.js App: Answers and Cats

A beginning build of a vue.js app querying two APIs.

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Adding Subtitles for Accessibility

One project in a User Science Journal, exploring different methods for making online content more accessbile for users with differing abilities. Using a public domain video, exported to my own YouTube channel and enabled the automatic close-captioning feature, then edited the auto-populated subtitles for accuracy and clarity.

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A personal blog build on

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Quick Playlist

A Vue.js app with Bootstrap navbar. Search query using axios to return result from iTunes API. User enters a keyword and the result searches for song titles, artists, and descriptions that match that keyword. The quick playlist is generated from a random sampling of 20 returned items. Each song title and artist is hyperlinked to its respective iTunes webpage in a new brower tab.

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